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Culture and heritage

Culture and heritage


Travel through the Genevois, its villages, its market towns and its hamlets. Discover its heritage with the Churches, the chapels, the castles, the wash houses... Visit museums heritage such as the Maison du Salève, the art galleries... Look at a picture, a photo, a painting... Fine Arts, expertise, local history: culture is not lacking!

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Notre Dame de la Salette Chapel

In Feigères, between 1400 and 1789, thirteen seigneuries ruled at Châtelard.


Parc la Fantasia

A small peaceful park at the entrance to the town where you can enjoy pleasant surroundings. During summer, on every Friday nights in July and August, the world music festival "Les Musical'été"...


Parc Claudius Montessuit

Situated in Annemasse town centre, this 1.7 hectare park is a leafy, flower-filled place with a children's play area, in which all ages can stroll around and relax. In the centre is the Villa du...


Roseraie du Pavillon

A walk through the history of the rose, from classical times to the present day, with 7 themed displays tracing the origins, symbols and representations of the rose down the centuries.


Tour de Naz

It represents the last vestiges of property owned by the La Naz family, whose houses have fallen into ruin. It was built above the 14th century underground vaulted rooms, which were a kind of...


Parc de Haut-Monthoux

Located at the top of Monthoux hill, dominating the town, this park, which is a former property of the bishopric, is a place for rest and relaxation. A restored chapel, which is a reminder of its...


Musée du Bâtiment

Discover a collection of objects that tell the combined history of the building trades.


Dolmen de la Cave aux fées

Known as one of the oldest constructions in Haute-Savoie, this dolmen situated at the foot of the Voirons massif dates back to neolithic times. A journey into our region’s history.


St-Etienne de Beaumont Church

Its facade of a slightly pink-tinted grey is attired with a beautiful luminosity in the sunlight. From its gate, the view stretches out over the Jura valley. It is the ideal place to listen to music...


Église Saint-Nicolas

The romanesque Saint Nicolas church is located by the old ramparts of the Haute Bonne commune. The former chapel of the Château de Bonne, its choir dates back to the first half of the 13th century....


Border marker no. 1

In 1815, Geneva was a member of the Swiss Confederation and was surrounded by the kingdoms of Piedmont-Sardinia and France. In 1860, Savoie was annexed to France.


Maison du Salève

Come and find out about the ‘mountain of the Genevans’ - the viewpoint which looks out over Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc range. The centre tells how Le Salève has become one of the most...

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