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Culture and heritage

Culture and heritage


Travel through the Genevois, its villages, its market towns and its hamlets. Discover its heritage with the Churches, the chapels, the castles, the wash houses... Visit museums heritage such as the Maison du Salève, the art galleries... Look at a picture, a photo, a painting... Fine Arts, expertise, local history: culture is not lacking!

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Archamps (2)
Boëge (3)
Neydens (3)
Chevrier (4)
Jonzier-Épagny (1)
Beaumont (3)
Bellevaux (1)
Annemasse (3)
Bossey (3)
Vers (2)
Copponex (1)
Saint-Cergues (3)
Bellegarde-sur-Valserine (1)
Feigères (3)
Viry (2)
Vulbens (3)
Yvoire (1)
Valleiry (1)
Présilly (2)
Chênex (1)
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Étangs d'Étrembières

This natural area located on the banks of the river Arve is made up of 3 stretches of water. It is classified as a biotope and provides a habitat for several species of protected animals and plants...


Naz Tower

It represents the last vestiges of property owned by the La Naz family, whose houses have fallen into ruin. It was built above the 14th century underground vaulted rooms, which were a kind of...


Alpage du Loty

Partly in Cranves-Sales and partly in Lucinges, it takes its name from the Loty stream which runs nearby. This preserved area of a little more than 30 hectares is ideal for family walks.


The Carra mill

The Moulin de Carra is a landmark of heritage, of cultural and natural significance, located in Ville-la-Grand. This rehabilitated site became a place for living, sharing, learning and sensitizing...


Haute Bonne village

Take the footpath up the Maxime ramp and you will reach this village imbued with a typical and authentic atmosphere, with Saint Nicolas Church at its centre. It was built at the beginning of the...


Jewish cemetery in Veyrier

You can see an oratory with wonderful stained glass windows and façades adorned with Jerusalem stone. Straddling the Franco-Swiss border, when numerous exiles crossed the border to take refuge in...


Lac de Machilly

With its source in the Voirons massif, the Foron is a waterway which crosses the Annemasse region from end to end. It crosses wet zones, agricultural plains, meadows, villages and also cities.


Falaise du Salève


La grotte d'Orjobet

The cave is a large chimney which measures tens of metres high. It is lit by natural openings and has been entirely fitted out by the CAS with steps and cables in order to be able to cross it easily.


Chapelle Notre-Dame des Voirons

Perched on the ridge between earth and sky, this Gothic chapel has all the necessary components to be a perfect place for contemplation.


Loëx village

On a protected, natural plateau, the preserved heritage village of Loëx is located. In the heart of the village you will discover its 13th century chapel and its 15th century private castle which...


Prisoners' chapel

The small prisoners' chapel built from stone.

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