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Culture and heritage

Culture and heritage


Travel through the Genevois, its villages, its market towns and its hamlets. Discover its heritage with the Churches, the chapels, the castles, the wash houses... Visit museums heritage such as the Maison du Salève, the art galleries... Look at a picture, a photo, a painting... Fine Arts, expertise, local history: culture is not lacking!

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Saint-Joseph church

Built in 1941, work of architect Jacques Berenger and the monk Dom Paul Bello. With its mosaic tile roof, it stands impressively in the middle of the urban landscape.


Viewing point of Notre Dame des Voyageurs chapel.

Near to the Via Romana route, viewing point over the Genevois region.


Roseraie du Pavillon

A walk through the history of the rose, from classical times to the present day, with 7 themed displays tracing the origins, symbols and representations of the rose down the centuries.


Prisoners' chapel

The small prisoners' chapel built from stone.


Neydens church

The church is in the Neo-Gothic style. It was built by Fontaine, the architect from Annecy, in 1890 and opened in 1892. The interior was renovated in 1967 and the exterior in 1980.


Sainte Victoire oratory Viewing point

From the oratory, you can admire a view over the Rhône just after it leaves Lake Geneva, running through the Jura chain separating the Grand Crêt d'Eau and Le Vuache. This narrow passage is called...


Musée du Bâtiment

Discover a collection of objects that tell the combined history of the building trades.


Les Voirons

From the Voirons crest (altitude 1 480m), you can enjoy a panoramic view across Lake Geneva, the Vallée Verte, the Giffre mountains, the Aravis and Mont-Blanc.


Signal des Voirons

Summit of a forest walk which is accessible even for very young children. When the weather is good, the whole valley is all yours.


Border marker no. 1

In 1815, Geneva was a member of the Swiss Confederation and was surrounded by the kingdoms of Piedmont-Sardinia and France. In 1860, Savoie was annexed to France.



The Centre for Educational and Playful Immersion will provide you with an experience that is unique in Europe: through an explosive mixture of sounds, lights and interactivity, you will travel to a...


The Carra mill

In 1840, at the peak of hydraulic exploitation, Ville-la-Grand had 4 mills: the moulin de Crêt, the moulin des Creux, the moulin de Cornières and the moulin de Carra!

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