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Leisure activities

Leisure activities


Discover our range of leisure activities to do with family at the gates of Geneva: Vitam aquatic park, Tropicaland mini zoo, the Salève cable car, leisure parks, gardens, educational farms and treetop adventure courses...

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Activity (4)
Equipment (19)
Cultural heritage (3)
Activity type
Entertainment (7)
Fitness and wellbeing (1)
Various sports (1)
Creative pastimes (1)
Sciences (1)
Discovery and knowledge (1)
Dexterity sports (1)
Nature (2)
Ball sports (1)
Climbing sports (5)
Water sports (3)
Arts and culture (2)
Equestrian sports (2)
Pedestrian sports (2)
Cultural leisure facilities (1)
Recreational leisure (11)
Tourist transport (1)
Sport activity type
Ball sports (1)
Climbing sports (5)
Water sports (2)
Equestrian sports (2)
Pedestrian sports (2)
Fitness (1)
Badminton (1)
Squash (1)
Adventure trail / Accrobranche® (tree top adventure trails) (4)
Climbing (1)
Wakeboarding (1)
Aquabiking (1)
Swimming (1)
Water skiing (1)
Pony (2)
Horse trekking (1)
Donkey trekking (1)
Hiking (1)
Pilates (1)
Aquagym (1)
Kneeboard (1)
Massage (1)
Rock climbing site (1)
Skill sports (1)
Ball sports (1)
Miscellaneous sports (1)
Equestrian sports (2)
Entertainment (1)
Recreational activities (11)
Tourist transport (1)
Climbing wall (1)
Paintball (1)
Squash court (1)
Leisure complex (1)
Swimming pool (1)
Equestrian centre (2)
Cinema (1)
Bowling (1)
Trampoline/accrobungy (2)
Theme park (7)
Zoo - animal park (1)
Tourist cable car (1)
Big air bag (1)
Escape Game (2)
Activity (5)
Children's entertainment (2)
Temporary exhibition (2)
Shows (1)
Handicrafts workshops (1)
Pets welcome (5)
Wi-fi (1)
Restaurant (3)
Coach access (8)
Car park (16)
Coach parking (5)
Air conditioning (2)
Bar (8)
Lift (1)
Weather forecast
Not recommended in bad weather (4)
Bad weather alternative (7)
Annemasse (3)
Copponex (1)
Viry (1)
Reignier-Esery (1)
Andilly (2)
Archamps (1)
Arenthon (1)
Neydens (3)
Bellevaux (1)
Vulbens (2)
Monnetier-Mornex (1)
Présilly (1)
Vétraz-Monthoux (1)
Ville-la-Grand (2)
Étrembières (2)
Saint-Blaise (1)
Cruseilles (1)
Saxel (1)
Visual disability (1)
Mental disability (3)
Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance (9)
Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs (9)


The biggest Escape Game in Haute-Savoie! Try to escape in under 60 minutes. 6 rooms and 4 fascinating enigmas: Hold-up a Casino, the Excalibur Legend… then relax in our curiosities bar!


Chosal Farm

Farm visit and discovery of food produced by Mother Nature. Horticultural and kitchen garden greenhouses. Meet donkeys and other farm animals.



Animal and dinosaur park, offering children an expeditionary visit to the jungle, on the 2 ha


Acro'Aventures Reignier

Located at the entrance to Léman and just 20km from Geneva, Acro'Aventures Reignier is a multi-activity site for all ages with an advanced course, junior course, children’s course and Laserbattle.


Le Tout Petit Pays

We have all been known to wonder what is living beneath our feet… enter and discover this tiny world, sometimes fun and colourful, but also natural and mysterious, then wander around the garden!


Gaumont Archamps cinema

Movie theater - IMAX


TNA Cable Park

Boardsport fans, discover wakeboarding in our introductory courses, or improve on the big ski lift (wakeboarding accessible from 8 years old).


Scarecrow park

It is in the middle of a magnificent forest that you will meet the scarecrows. These strange characters stay there all summer and invite us to discover their mysterious and entertaining world.


Elevation Indoor

Elevation offers safe adrenalin . For children or adults, from the first experience to regular training, with us, you are free to design your playground, listen to good sounds and have fun with...


Bowling de l'aérodrome

Have fun in this friendly place with a game of bowling, billiards, video games or table football.


Accroparc of Bella-Vallis

There is sheer enjoyment - with a dash of adrenaline at Accroparc de...


Les Ecuries de la Salamandre

Come and discover The Salamander Stables (stables approved by the Youth and Sport Ministry) at Vulbens, 10 minutes from St-Julien-en-Genevois and Geneva. An offer for all ages from beginner to show...

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