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Discover your true nature. A few minutes from Geneva, in Haute-Savoie, the mountains of Geneva have a trip to the summit in store for you! On the programme : strolls, walks, easy or more challenging hikes. 

So that your mountain experience can remain enjoyable, acquaint yourselt with the safety rules and good practices by downloading the safety handbook produces by the ministry responsible for sport. 

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Viry (2)
Clarafond (1)
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Chênex (1)
Bons-en-Chablais (1)
Cruseilles (1)
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Les Pitons via the Chavanne pastures

From Archamps, the path runs up to the Grand Piton (alt. 1380 metres, highest point in the Salève range) through meadows and woodland. From the pastures at the summit, there are 360º panoramic views!


The Férande Walk

The Férande stream flows across meadows and through orchards on a quiet sunny hillside. In the distance are sweeping views of the Usses Valley and foothills of the Alps.


GR65 - Santiago de Compostela path - Geneva to Frangy section

After leaving Geneva, the pilgrims' path goes through gently-rolling wooded countryside with views of the snow-capped Jura mountains. Beyond that is the Rhône with its vine-clad hillsides and...


Via Romana

Family-friendly route with picturesque views. The trail passes through the Bois du Ban forest, where all sorts of wildlife can be found. At the end it picks up the ancient Roman road passing through...


The Morennes path

In a beautiful unspoilt settings at the heart of the Vuache area, you'll find the signposted trail for people with reduced mobility, the Morennes Path.


Franco-Swiss landscapes: Soral - Thairy - Laconnex

An easy walk through the countryside between France and Switzerland, with vineyards, pastures and old bourgeois houses just a stone's throw from the town.


The "Happy Path"

This is a pleasant walk through some of the quiet villages on the south-eastern slopes of the Salève and across the Plateau des Bornes. Stroll through the woods up to the summit, for panoramic views...


Alpine pastures and forests

This short discovery trail dotted with information panels leads up a steep slope to the Salève ridge. It runs through a range of different mountain environments.


Panoramic discovery of the Plan alpine pastures

Walk through the old fields of the Carthusian monks with exceptional views of the surroundings of Geneva and Lake Geneva as well as the Bornes plateau, the Aravis mountains, Lake Annecy and Mont...


Les Voûtes walk

This is the most comprehensive and varied walk on the Petit Salève, passing under spectacular rocky arches that have brought people here for many centuries (hermits, tourists etc.). Traces of early...


GR Balcon du Léman : Chevrier - Saint Blaise

As its name indicates, this Long Distance Path (Chemin de Grande Randonnée) leads all the way around Lake Geneva, the largest of the alpine lakes, along its ridges. The navigation of Le Vuache, Mont...


Geological path of the Orjobet grotto

This themed path allows you, with the aid of consoles, to discover the geology of Salève and its curiosities: The Grotte d'Orjobet, the Trou de la Tine, the arches of La Corraterie, the Grès des...

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